How To Text Gen Z Consumers

In today’s digital age, where rapid communication and immediate gratification have become the norm, connecting with Generation Z (Gen Z) requires an understanding of their preferred communication channels.

While definitions vary slightly, Gen Z —sometimes also known as post-millennial, the iGeneration, or colloquially as Zoomers — were born between 1997 and 2012 (Library of Congress). Gen Z has grown up in a world dominated by smartphones and social media. Some traditional marketing messages used by older generations no longer resonate with this tech-savvy and socially conscious generation. So, to capture their attention, forge meaningful connections, and create compelling SMS marketing messages, businesses must embrace new strategies tailored to their preferences.

Gen Z already represents a significant portion of the consumer market. According to a report, Generation Z affects how $600 billion is spent by families, making them a group that businesses cannot afford to ignore (MarketSplash).

This article will discuss how businesses can use text messages to engage with Gen Z consumers. We’ll also share another strategy — conversational outreach— that can be a powerful tool for reaching this generation.

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Gen Z Buying Habits

The Gen Z consumer exhibits several unique buying habits that are shaped by their digital upbringing.

Key Industries That Market to Generation Z

Gen Z is growing in importance every year. Eventually, all businesses across industries will need a strategy to effectively reach this group. However, as of 2023, the oldest Gen Z consumers are only 26 years old, which means that certain products and services may be more relevant to them than others.


Gen Z consumers  have a strong preference for brands that offer sustainable clothing (Forbes). Brands that promote ethical practices will resonate with this demographic.


Many Gen Z consumers seek the latest gadgets and have high expectations for the technological tools they use. Companies should focus on providing innovative products that enhance Gen Z’s digital lifestyle.

Growing up in a high-tech world has also made Gen Z expect a smooth experience. In fact, about 60% of Gen Zers aren’t willing to use an app or website that loads slowly or is poorly designed (NCR). So, creating a more streamlined version of a product or app could be a great opportunity to earn market share from Gen Z.

Food and Beverage

Gen Z consumers prioritize food that is ethically sourced and seek brands that align with their values (Equitable Food Initiative). Companies that embrace organic, locally sourced, and transparent practices can attract Gen Z’s attention.

Beauty and Cosmetics

Gen Z is an influential demographic in the beauty industry. They value inclusive and diverse representation more than previous generations, seeking out brands that promote authenticity and body positivity (Statistica).

Entertainment and Media

Gen Z consumers rely on digital platforms for music, video streaming, gaming, and social media. Companies in these industries should focus on creating captivating and interactive content that aligns with Gen Z’s diverse interests.

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Communication Habits of Gen Z

To engage with Generation Z consumers effectively, businesses must have a better understanding of their communication habits. Gen Z grew up with technology and are considered digital natives. As a result, they rely heavily on technology for communication, entertainment, and information.

They communicate differently from previous generations and prefer texting and messaging apps over traditional phone calls and email. In fact, they generally prefer using mobile devices to other device form factors.

98% of Gen Z own smartphones and 55% use them for five hours per day or more (LinkedIn). They also use mobile devices as a “second screen” when consuming other media. A whopping 95% of Gen Z consumers use a second device while watching TV (Hootsuite).

73% of Gen Z use their devices primarily for texting and chatting, making text messaging a great way for brands to reach them (NRF). That’s why we recommend putting texting front and center when communicating with Gen Z, while also staying agile and adapting as trends change.

To engage with Gen Z consumers through text messaging, businesses should incorporate the following key elements in their messaging.


Gen Zers strongly value personalized experiences (McKinsey & Company). Therefore, businesses should tailor messages based on their interests and preferences.

Emojis and Visuals

Gen Z consumers are visual learners and respond well to visual content such as emojis, GIFs, and images (Education Today). When it comes to texting from brands, MMS can offer great opportunities.

Clear Call-to-Action

Gen Z consumers are action-oriented and expect a clear call-to-action in their messages. Keep messages short and snappy, or risk losing a Gen Zer’s attention.


Timing is crucial when it comes to engaging with Gen Z consumers, because they have so much information and opportunity at their fingertips 24/7. If you want them to pay attention, use data and A/B testing to send messages at the right time.

Texting Gen Z With Conversational Outreach

Engaging with Generation Z through text messaging requires a unique approach that differs from both millennial consumers and baby boomers. Gen Z consumers prefer concise, personalized, and visually engaging messages that align with their values.

Using Drips’ conversational outreach platform, businesses can take their SMS marketing messages to the next level. The platform provides the perfect toolkit to connect with Gen Z on their terms. Its AI-powered language model can help you craft messages that speak directly to the individual, tapping into their interests and adapting to their preferences. Drips also allows you to engage persistently, which helps grab Gen Z’s attention in a fast-paced digital world.

Drips can work with your team to help ensure message scripting emphasizes the authenticity of your brand, helping you build trust and credibility with Generation Z. By leveraging Drips’ conversational outreach platform, you can create a powerful connection with Gen Z through text messaging, boosting engagement and driving meaningful interactions.

If you’re ready to see how conversational outreach can help connect with Gen Z, reach out to our team for a demo.

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