The Problem With SMS Traffic

The Problem With SMS Traffic

When you say a phrase like “traffic problems,” your first thought is probably related to car traffic. But if you ask any enterprise that deals with SMS conversations about “traffic problems,” they’ll know exactly what you mean.


The Problem

In an ideal world, companies would be able to text the people interested in their products without issue. Direct connection would result in audiences getting their questions answered and making informed decisions about purchases. But, as everyone with access to a news application knows — we are not in a perfect world.

Instead, enterprises inevitably at times will find themselves attempting to communicate with people who just aren’t interested. A lot of reasons could lead up to this — it could be a wrong number, the number may have changed hands, the users is no longer shopping, or countless other reasons. Unfortunately, though, these conversations don’t usually end up with a: “oh sure, I’d love to sign up.”

In fact, texts that go to wrong numbers, to people who changed their minds, to consumers who already purchased a policy somewhere else, users with other questionable validity (QV) signals (First name Daffy, last name Duck), or inundated users can result in extremely negative consequences for the enterprises who are communicating with these individuals — even if the percentage is small. At Drips, we’ve found that the vast majority of complaints or QVs often come from less than 2% of your audience. But that 2% could have major implications to your company including financial repercussions, campaign suspension, and damage to your brand.


The Solution

Fortunately, Drips has a way to help.

We’ve developed a proprietary way to keep your traffic sources accountable and reduce the contact you have with people who aren’t actually your intended audience. We call it Traffic Control by Drips.

Traffic Control works to quickly disqualify individuals by proactively scrubbing out the users that meet specific industry-specific criteria (maybe the user has already said “I’m not interested in a mortgage at this time!”), are likely fake, or have other questionably valid signals.

Learn more about how Drips can help you communicate more efficiently with your intended audience.

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