How Visual Voicemail Helped a Fortune 100 Insurance Company Expand Its Acquisition Efforts

This month, we’ve been focusing on how more enterprises than ever are expanding their outreach strategy and finding success in surprising ways. And although we love conversational SMS as our biggest champion and pillar of conversational outreach, we also recognize the importance of using a variety of outreach channels (including Visual Voicemail By Drips) to reach your audience. While you could potentially pursue a DIY-model for each channel, if you truly want to get iterative best-practice functionality across new channels as consumer preference changes year over year, we’d recommend partnering with a leader in conversational outreach.

Let’s take a look at a Fortune 100 insurance company that wanted a lift in contacting their customers using a new channel. Drips was already helping the company with conversational SMS and calls, so we presented an opportunity to improve their voicemails as well. After all, a multi-channel approach is more successful than a single channel.


A Multi-Channel Approach With Voicemail

The problem with only choosing one outreach channel is that you abandon the people who prefer different methods. Although people don’t pick up the phone for numbers they don’t recognize and don’t listen to their voicemails, 75% of them at least want to read their voicemails (Metaswitch). But one channel alone isn’t enough, and even though SMS has seen great engagement (and was working great for the insurance company), it isn’t the only solution.


Voicemail transcriptions are becoming better and are being more widely used. And since the average person can read a message at least three times faster than they can speak it (PC World), it just makes sense that people are skimming messages to catch the gist of a call. Because of this shift in how people are engaging with voicemail, it’s now more important than ever to be able to leave a message that’s clear, concise, compliant, and, most importantly, will be accurately transcribed.


Fortunately, Drips developed a proprietary methodology that is carrier specific to leave quality voicemails at scale. Our AI technology leaves voicemail messages as if they were coming from a real person. And more importantly, these voicemails are designed, tested, and delivered in an easily transcribed way. We even use professionally trained voice actors to record the messages.


Drips AI-Powered Conversational Outreach

The Fortune 100 insurance company’s voicemails were optimized by carrier and phone — and tested to ensure proper transcription. From the consumer’s perspective, this new approach was less intrusive, required fewer steps to experience, and empowered them to decide when the time was right to connect with the auto insurer themselves.

The new voicemails could be read (as well as heard) to reach more people whose communication preferences differ drastically. In addition, Drips delivered valuable insights into a huge percentage of prospects who previously weren’t engaging and improved the insurer’s acquisition funnel.

In short, trying a different approach doesn’t mean abandoning what you’ve been doing; it just means finding ways to improve existing outreach and identify new ones. Curious to see how partnering with Drips could help your enterprise? Get more information on Visual Voicemail By Drips.

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