What Time Should You Be Texting?

When it comes to texting your audience, you might think getting express written consent is the most challenging part of the process. But when you’re building your SMS campaigns, suddenly other things pop up:

Making an adaptable campaign is essential, and that includes selecting the time of day that’s best to communicate. So, when you’re creating new SMS campaigns, make sure to develop best practices for WHEN you should start sending messages.


It Largely Depends On You

The best time of day to send a message to your audience is as much about your offering as it is about your consumer. For example, if you’re running a meal service, you’d want to target times right before meals are arranged. Likewise, if you’re trying to market your afterschool activity center, you’d want to select a time that coincides with the end of a school day. Closely examine your offering and decide when it’d be most convenient for your audience to receive a text message about it. And, of course, don’t just pick one time. It’s best to run a split test or two to see which time gets the most engagement.


Avoid the Competition

Ignore the “golden hour” rumors. There’s no magical time of day when everyone looks at their phone message and is willing to engage with you. The assumption that noon is the best time to send a text might have been valid at one point, but you don’t want to text when your audience is being slammed with messages from other enterprises or companies competing for their attention. Look at the data in your market to determine when peak engagement hours occur. For example, retail sees the most traction between 10–11 a.m. and 8–9 p.m. (Sale Cycle), so if you’re a retailer, sending a message around these times would be better than sending something at noon and competing with other industries.


Just Say “No” to Late Night Texts

Speaking of 9 p.m. texts, also be aware of sending texts too early or too late in the day. While most people have “quiet hours” on their phones, some do not. Getting a text message at 3 a.m. isn’t going to drive a lot of conversions; it’s just going to make people post negative things about you online.

We wish we could have some simple advice to give you on when you should be sending messages, but the truth is… it’s more complicated than that. That’s why it’s essential to establish best practices based on industry research and partner with professionals when sending texts to your audience. Drips has done significant research throughout our years of sending millions of texts designed to prompt engagement to our clients’ audiences. Get the benefit of our experience by working with us!

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