Why Traffic Control Matters

Sometimes lead sources need some extra scrubbing before enterprises reach out to make first contact. This can be for a variety of reasons — maybe time has passed since the lead source collected the lead and provided it to the enterprise, or maybe the user typed in someone else’s number, or maybe the user isn’t shopping anymore or already purchased a policy

Let’s take a look at this process from a consumer perspective. What happens when lead sources aren’t scrubbed and reach the wrong person?


A Story About Branding

Meet Martin, a consumer in his 30s whose contact information was collected in a compliant manner. Martin requested information online but didn’t feel comfortable giving his real name or information, so he used the name Donald Duck and a random phone number. No one questioned it. The name Donald is a real one, and the phone number looked formatted correctly.

At noon, while on her lunch break at work, Jane, (Jane owns the phone number that Martin submitted erroneously) gets the following text message: “Hey there, Donald Duck! This is Acme Auto Insurance reaching out to talk about coverage options for your Ford F150.” (Jane also doesn’t drive a Ford, she doesn’t like trucks.)

Jane, mildly amused, decides to play a little game and responds with Donald Duckisms: “Let me check with my assistant, Goofy, first.”

Whatever texting program Acme Auto Insurance is using doesn’t “get the joke,” and continues to devote resources to this conversation.

“Great! We can’t wait to hear back from you.”

Jane finally replies, “I was joking, you have the wrong number. I don’t drive a truck and my name is not Donald Duck.”

Jane screenshots the conversation and posts the conversation on Twitter. It’s so hilarious that it goes viral, prompting memes like “ACME Auto Insurance is so desperate for customers, they’ll talk to fictional characters.”

Jane is enjoying her 10 seconds of fame, but the people at ACME Auto Insurance start to notice their company name is trending on social media platforms… and not in a good way. Their brand is being associated with desperation and erroneous outreach, and a lot of potential customers assume the company is a joke.

Why Traffic Control Matters

We know this story is a lot, but it’s not completely out of left field. You hear things every day about brands being dragged through the mud because of little mistakes that end up costing them a lot. Brand reputational damage can do a lot of harm to companies. Remember Windows Vista? The Microsoft Windows “upgrade” was perceived as a failure by the general public which left Microsoft in a pickle even though they had corrected a lot of the sources of criticism with free updates. They even conducted a social experiment to try to rebrand Vista (Slate).

Don’t let someone like Jane troll your enterprise. Make sure you choose a partner who can implement traffic control, and has proprietary wrong number databases (that Jane would’ve been on) best practices on your records, so you don’t waste resources on users with other questionable validity signals.

Learn more about Traffic Control By Drips and see how it can help.

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