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Reach the Unreachable

How do you engage with consumers that express interest in a mortgage loan or request information on refinancing options before they turn to another lender?

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Engage Your Audience

Conversational Outreach Makes a Difference

Conversational Outreach Makes a Difference

Traditional outbound communication channels are usually binary. They don’t allow consumers to respond and engage in a meaningful way without seeming invasive.

Drips helps mortgage lenders engage with consumers more effectively than traditional marketing. How do we do it? Through AI-powered, Conversational Texting® and calling.

Engage Your Audience

Moments That Matter

One of our common use cases in the mortgage industry is converting a mortgage loan applicant into a client. If you have a consumer who completed an application, it’s essential for you to connect with them quickly.

Moments That Matter

Get The Attention You Deserve

Most people apply for several mortgage loans from different lenders at the same time to compare options. Messaging these consumers quickly and getting them on the phone can stop them from shopping around.

The Drips Solution

The solution is personalized, two-way communications. Drips’ AI-Powered Conversational Texting® helps you connect with your audience like a person.

Instead of dodging random calls and ignoring impersonal texts, now your audience has an opportunity to engage in a way that is comfortable to them. They can ask questions about their mortgage loan options and we can help clarify any questions and guide them toward a successful loan.

Meaningful Touchpoints

Drips Helps You Reach Out At Any Point In Your Member’s Journey


Drive to Site / Drive to App

Drips doesn’t only warm people up for inbound calls or encourage them to call you. We can also drive your audience to your website or app to finalize their loan or refinancing application.

Drive to Site /
Drive to App


Push to Autopay

Many people pay their mortgages on a month-to-month basis. A push to autopay can help them enjoy a more convenient process and ensure timely payments.

Push to


Debt Collection

We make debt collection attempts easy by allowing you to engage with your customers and prompt appropriate actions.



Appointment Scheduling

Need to arrange a callback or set an appointment? Drips helps you send appointment confirmations, reminders, and appointment rescheduling.



Insufficient Funds

If your customers have insufficient funds, they need more than a notification, they need engagement. Drips drives your customers to get on the phone so you can easily find a resolution.



Bill Reminders

Drips helps your customers keep important due dates at top of mind with bill reminders.


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