Our TouchPoints & Technology

Every campaign is built to run on our proprietary software. From AI features that react and pace out Touchpoints, to automation macros that work side by side with Drips agents. It’s one of the key reasons we’re able to consistently achieve results that outperform industry averages across the board for our clients

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Conversations Matter More with Conversational Texting & Conversational Messaging

Through millions of daily conversations and interactions, we have created business intelligence that yields conversion for businesses across hundreds of industries via conversational texting and conversational messaging. And with every conversation, we are going deeper in our ability to capture and interpret the intent of your potential customers.

Many companies can help with connecting. But, Drips make those conversations matter more to your business.

Every campaign is unique.

Start & Design

The Drips team develops a customized lead follow-up campaign for your business built around the needs of your specific customers. Half science, half art, Drips campaigns use psychology and proprietary software to build incredibly high-performance campaigns.

Deploy Campaign

As your real-time leads arrive they are contacted by Drips in under 15 seconds with a phone call from a real person. If no one answers, then our automated drip campaign kicks in. Touch points using Voice, SMS, and Email are deployed to secure the lead as quickly as possible.

A/B Testing

The A/B testing cycle begins immediately. Once launched we monitor and tweak your campaign until it hits or surpasses its  projected conversion goals. The process is repeated throughout the year to ensure that your campaigns are always operating at an optimal level.

Scale Campaign

When the time comes to grow your campaign Drips is ready to perform. With a proven track record and a strong infrastructure already in place, Drips can be your lead follow-up partner for years to come – no matter how much you grow.

‘A 26% lift in lead to appointment conversion metrics’

“Our partnership with Drips has been a success because it’s allowed us to revitalize the way we nurture and work leads who don’t book an appointment right away. Drawing on their experience we were able to create a strategy that helped 3 Day Blinds see a 26% lift in lead to appointment conversion metrics”

Dan Williams, CRO: 3 Day Blinds

‘A 500% Improvement’

“Average conversion on contact before Drips was about 5% on a good day, after Drips it jumped to a 25% daily average – a 500% improvement!”

Matthew Downs, Director of Product Development: HealthRight

What you can expect to hear in your demo:

Solution & Integration

Complete understanding of how Drips can help fit in with your current stack to increase conversions and quality of your leads.


See how we use our software to build customized drip campaigns around each client.


Gain a clear understanding of our performance-based pricing model.

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