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Reach the Unreachable

Do you have members suffering from a chronic illness who need prescription refills? Or patients at risk of losing insurance coverage that you can’t connect with?

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Engage Your Audience

Conversational Outreach Makes a Difference

Engage Your Audience

The traditional outbound communication channels don’t allow consumers to respond and engage on their terms.

Drips helps healthcare organizations engage with their members more effectively. How do we do it? Through a conversational outreach strategy consisting of human-like AI-powered SMS, scheduled calling, and voicemail messages.

Conversational Outreach Makes a Difference

Moments That Matter

One of our common use cases in the healthcare industry is policy cancellations. If you have a member facing a policy cancellation, it’s essential for them to renew quickly, especially if they want to avoid paying additional fees for a brand-new policy.

Moments That Matter

Get The Attention You Deserve

Unfortunately, some people may not prioritize your messages because they might mistake it for spam. But these messages are essential to a person’s well-being. The member’s failure to renew policies can cause you to lose a member and potentially expose them to a more costly policy.

The Drips Solution

The solution is a customized conversational outreach strategy designed specifically for your campaign. Drips helps you make a personal connection with your audience.

Instead of dodging random calls and ignoring impersonal texts, now your members have an opportunity to engage in a way that is comfortable to them. They can ask questions about their policy status and we can help clarify any questions and guide them toward a renewal.

Meaningful Touchpoints

Drips Helps You Reach Out At Any Point in Your Member’s Journey


Policy Cancellation

Don’t settle for alerts. If your member’s healthcare insurance policy is about to expire, we can help explain the renewal process and emphasize the urgency.



Renewal Offers

Need your member to renew an existing health insurance policy? Drips can help drive the renewal process.



Push to Autopay

Many people pay their healthcare insurance policies on a month-to-month basis which puts them at risk of cancelation. A push to autopay can help them enjoy a more convenient process and give you policies that last longer.

Push to


Win-Back Campaigns

If you have members who have let their insurance policies expire, we can help you craft meaningful campaigns to win them back.



Drive to Site / Drive to App

Drips doesn’t only warm people up for incoming calls or encourage them to call you. We can also drive your audience to a specific website or app to increase their engagement with you.

Drive to Site /
Drive to App


Appointment Scheduling

Need to arrange a callback or set an appointment? Drips helps you send appointment confirmations, reminders, and appointment rescheduling.


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